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Forgotten Youth • Ukraine

In a city where ghosts from the past are still fighting each other an eternal fight. Where post-Soviet era didn't deliver its promises. Where streets are full of the ghostly presences of the dead and the missing; In a city, where violence is no longer visible, but where another city exists: one that lives and breathes under "the city”: Inside Odessa’s catacombs, basements and slums of abandoned buildings. Where 'ghosts' are striving to cope with marginalization, hostility and the pervasive stigma that TB, HIV, Hepatitis and multi-drug resistant (MDR) forms of TB. Inside Sanatoriums and Courthouses.

Forgotten Youth • Ukraine

Threesixzero Productions Pte Ltd

Mediacorp, Channel U (Singapore)

Executive Producer: Han Kwang Wei | Producer: Dimitrios Bouras | Post producer: Chong Chin Foon

Director: Dimitrios Bouras  |  Director of Photography: Dimitrios Bouras

2nd camera operator/Fixer: Vera Zaporozhets |  Editor: Adeline Tan |  Sound: Serg Ashahin

Research: Dimitrios Bouras  |  Scientific Consultants: Dr. Anastasios Kallianos, Dr. Christos Lynteris

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